Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5

día cinco: Today I am thankful to be able to drive and have a reliable car.
Good morning, God :) Today I come to You with praise over something more tangible. God, thank You for providing convenient means of transportation to me. Thank You also for creating me to be a safe driver. You have instilled qualities in me that tell me how fast is too fast, how to stay away from distractions while driving, and how to watch out for dangers & dangerous people on the road. Thank You for working through my mom & dad & driver's ed teachers, who have shaped the way I drive today. Through all these qualities you've built in me and people you've blessed me with, You've kept me away from speeding tickets and accidents. Lord, thank You for keeping my passengers & me safe on what can be such a dangerous road. I've also been really blessed to have a car to drive since I first got my license. You provided my dad with the Grand Prix as a company car, & then You provided our family with the means necessary to purchase it from his company. That car was so faithful to us/me and kept me going from the time we got it just up until about a week and a half ago. It was 12 years old and still kickin'! Lord, thank You that the biggest problem I recall ever having with that car was having to replace the window motors & get ride of corrosion in the starter. Thank You for using that car to keep me safe through the years. Thank You also for helping me to buy a new car for more substantial reliability. Be with Dad as he makes the payments on it, & be with me as I pay him back once the house sells. Provide for me the funds necessary for gas, insurance payments, the car itself, etc. I have faith in You, God, that You're helping me in this situation. Thank You for showing me my mom's approval of the car as well, as I was unexpectedly able to get it on her birthday. Lord, please bless me as I drive my car, bless my passengers, & bless the reasons for the trips I take. Use all of me and all of my resources, including my car, to Your glory. Use them to help me carry through with my purpose here on earth. Keep me safe on the road, God, & keep everyone else safe, too. Heal those who have been affected mentally & physically by car accidents, & let them know that You are there. Lord, bless my trip to JMU today! Amen.

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