Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15

día quince: Today I am thankful for the Passion conferences and the unbelievable scholarship I have received that allows me to go to Passion 2011!! God is so good.
Dear heavenly Father, I am so overwhelmed, excited, and humbled right now. Lord, You are so sovereign and glorious in so many ways! God, thank You so much for making it so that I can go to Passion 2011 in Atlanta this year. You've made it clear to me that You want me to be there, & I am so excited about being able to attend. You have led me through each step of receiving the scholarship I have gotten. Firstly, Lord please be with the loved ones of Sarah & Lea... they were such followers of You Lord, & I praise You that they're with You right now. May the car accident they were involved in eventually make sense to their loved ones. Comfort them & heal them in ways that only You can. Thank You for the people at Passion who have created the ten scholarships available to applicants who have lost an immediate family member in 2010. God, their willingness to provide for those who God is calling to Passion & in a way make it so that Sarah & Lea are there is astounding. Thank You for making me a part of this story. Thank You for making my eyes glance upon a link on Twitter that took me to the Passion blog, Lord. Thank You for opening my eyes & my heart to the story I read about Sarah & Lea. Thank You for moving me in the few days following that to the point of submitting an email sharing the story of my mom's battle. Lord, You really have a way with making good out of a bad situation. I know my mom is just looking down on me right now, smiling ear-to-ear and so excited for me. God, thank You for that knowledge. You have provided so much for me. You worked through my mom to fund my Passion 2010 experience, and God it's clear to me that You're still working alongside her to make Passion 2011 happen for me. Lord, thank You. I still can't quite find the right words to express my gratitude, but Lord You know my heart. Thank You for knowing me, knowing what is right for me, & knowing who I need in my life. Lord, thank You for humbling me with this incredible opportunity & experience. I know that my days at Passion this year will be all the more meaningful because of Your work in my life. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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