Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

día cuatro: Today I am thankful for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, both at JMU and at ODU.
Hey, God. Today I specifically want to praise You for an organization that has allowed me so much joy and fellowship since the beginning of freshman year. I can clearly see You at work in the leaders of the chapter at JMU. You have remarkably made s the largest IV chapter in the country... like, what? And we're still growing! Thank You God, for giving believers at JMU open hearts and open minds to share Your good news of love and salvation. Amidst changes of room locations to accommodate our large group meetings, help us keep our minds NOT on frustrations of getting used to a new room and maybe a new dinner location, but rather on the big significance. A bigger chapter means more fellowship in Your name & Your grace & Your family... if that means we move to a new room, awesome. So be it. Keep expanding our chapter, God, and bless us with the leaders & resources necessary to make it as effective and centered on You as possible. Small groups just blow my mind. All of them are different, of course, but God You work through the leaders and in the hearts of all the members so much that we become very close to one another in a short period of time. That You for facilitating vulnerability, openness, support, encouragement, genuine interest, and overall LOVE in those small groups. To anyone on the fence about joining a small group or even not currently interested, God move their hearts toward joining one. I was so entirely blessed by joining one from the get-go that first week of freshman year. You made it so I was able to form quick friendships with those girls on a deep level, and I am also so blessed to still be such great friends with them... some of them as my amazing housemates. Thank You particularly for Helen & Anna Grace, God. They have done so much to guide me to You no matter what I've gone through. Small group was one of the first times that my mind has really been involved in the Word, & Helen and AG have done such an amazing job to facilitate that. You placed the two of them together as leaders for a reason. They have a real sisterly love for each other, & I feel really privileged to be part of a group that they generously extended some of that love to... Your love, God. Thank You for their investment in each of our lives - knowing that they really care has such an impact on me as a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and even as a senior. God, thank You for making the leaders of IV at JMU just as they are. Keep working through them in ways I can't even imagine. Bless future leaders, as well. Above all, keep all of their hearts focused on You and not distracted by anything else.

Not only have You provided JMU IV to me, God, but in this time that I am at home, You have placed IV at ODU in my life. Timing was really perfect, as Allison was also interested in joining ODU IV. Lord, You're showing me a lot through that group. Just like it's so powerful for me to see people in other countries worshipping You, I love seeing the leaders & members of that chapter of IV doing the same. They have slightly different methods of going about small groups & large groups, but we're all there for the same reason. We're al there for you & because of You! You reunited Mary & I in such an unpredictable way. We met in 2007, saw each other again at Passion this past January, & now she's one of my small group leaders at ODU. Thank You so much for strengthening & deepening our friendship. I am completely enjoying getting to know her better, and she has made the transition to an ODU small group so much easier. Thank You also for the other girls in Imani & my other leader, Rachel. You are just so incredible for bringing us all together in that new sisterhood of my life. I pray that I can keep in touch with them easily & frequently when I am back at JMU.

God, thank You for Your great providence of exactly what & who I need. Thank You that organizations like IV and Campus Crusade for Christ exist. Please be with each group that worships You, & may they keep You as the center always. Thank You for my involvement in IV in various ways & all the people I've been blessed with through that organization. Please be with me as a potential small group leader next year, & keep working through me, God. Put a blanket of comfort & confidence over me in knowing that it is not my work, but Your work through me. Amen.

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