Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24

día veinticuatro: Today I am thankful for my brother, who turned 24 today! I am blessed to have a great friend in him, no matter how much he picks on me. :) Happy birthday, Ben!!
Dear Lord, thank You so much for my brother Ben! He really is a friend as well as a brother. Thank You for creating him just as he is. He is such an intelligent man - use his knowledge and skills to glorify You. Ben is an inspiration to me because of his determination and his strength. God, You have placed some challenges in Ben's life, and he has worked so hard to overcome them and succeed. He takes having difficulty with something as a challenge and faces it head-on. God, I have never known Ben to give up. He is such a fighter (but the gentle kind). God, thank You for his great determination and all that You have helped him achieve because of that. Thank You for his education and place in a steady job right now. But showing his determination, he seeks a full-time job. Lord, work to allow him to obtain the full-time position in Materials Management. Be present in that situation and use Your mighty hand to get Ben what he needs. Of course, whatever happens is according to Your will and Your plans. If that position doesn't work out, show Ben another opportunity. In everything, may Ben continue to use his determined spirit.

God, thank You for making Ben so strong. He is strong physically, but I thank You especially for his emotional strength. He has an incredible faith that everything will be okay and a great handle on how to act in a given situation. In tough times that can cause even the strongest people to break down, You have assured him that You are with us. Thank You for Ben's faith in You. Continue to pull him closer to You always. Use him to share Your wondrous love.

Thank You for the relationship that Ben & I have. It's a typical older brother / younger sister relationship with bickering and silly disputes, but there is love covering every moment of it. Thank You for his genuine care over me and how my life is going. Thank You that we can talk about things and be a support system for each other. He has always protected me and wanted the best for me. I am so blessed to have him as a brother and a brother in Christ. Surround him with a community of believers that gives him fellowship and with whom he can share some fun times. Bless his life in any and all ways. Grow us closer together, no matter if we're physically together or not. Lord, thank You for Ben, the best brother that I could ask for. Amen.

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